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FreshLeaf aModAdminFresh posted Jun 7, 17

Hey boys and girls,

I'm concerned at the lack of votes for the server recently as it's meant fewer new players have joined and makes me think you can't be bothered as it only takes a couple of minutes to vote on all of the voting sites. If you're not happy with the rewards or have any sensible suggestions then you need to voice them. I'm going to make it so with each vote you have a chance of getting anywhere between $1000 - $50,000 as well as getting keys and experience (thank you Penny for the idea).

On a different topic, I'm relocating The Fresh Ministry from France to an enterprise server in Canada with more bandwidth, 2x Xeon E5-2630v3 CPUs and double the memory. I'm hoping the processors provide enough grunt to achieve as close to 20TPS across all servers. I've optimised the java argument on startup to accommodate the increase in available cores to extract the most performance from them.

The increased bandwidth and having the server chillin in Canada means if you live in the U.S./Canada your connection will be significantly faster and you should experience no lag whatsoever. As for European players, you should still enjoy a flawless experience. 

When we transfer over nothing will be lost and the only major change in how things work will be initially you'll spawn in the Hub and will have to make your way to Survival or wherever via a portal (subject to change). New players will also spawn in the Hub and all servers will get notified so there will be no excuses for not welcoming people. Over the next month we'll be introducing a Towny and Skyblock server and in the following few months a Prison server.

I realise we haven't had a competition for a while so tomorrow I'll be posting a building themed competition on the forums which will be worth getting involved in!

Now 1.12 is out I'll be looking to get it running on Creative asap so we can all enjoy the new blocks. It may take a little longer to get Survival running 1.12 due to the number of plugins that have to be updated.

Nevertheless there's a lot to look forward to on The Fresh Ministry over the next couple of months. Hope to see you online soon!


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