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Now running 1.11.2

FreshLeaf aModAdminFresh posted Dec 31, 16

Hello folks,

I hope you've all had a sweet Christmas and have an equally sweet New Years. To login to the survival server you will now need to be using a 1.11.2 client otherwise you'll be directed to the hub, which at the moment, isn't a very festive place to be. Hope to see you all soon!


DaCTANinja Heyt fresh where have you been, the server for survival has crashed. and happy easter!

Apologies for the downtime

FreshLeaf aModAdminFresh posted Oct 25, 16

Hey folks,

I am sorry for the donwtime. I had to be in hospital with a close family member and was unable to get online. The crash report suggests slimefun crashed the server so I've taken suitable measures to hoepfully prevent this happening in the future. Hopefully see you online soon!


FireDragon9876 what is the estimated time for the server to be back up?
FPtje Falco Same Buddy. -regards Falco/Sulinash
DamonAntaran I wish you and yours the best of luck.

Server Updates

FreshLeaf aModAdminFresh posted Oct 12, 16

Hello folks,

In the spirit of growth and fresh additions, I'm moving us to run on a bungeecord network to make adding new gamemodes easier, and to provide a fallback for when worlds crash. I hope to have achieved this by next week.This should have very little impact on your gametime as i will aim to complete the move during a quiet period. Your stats, balance rank etc will remain the same.


killerjacks22 Fresh, do you have a general estimate of when the server will be back up?
DaCTANinja does that mean your making a whole new server copied but with bungeecord or are you just adding bungecoord and keeping s...
DaCTANinja yea you should add the pocket pets and lucky blocks, idk about guns tho lol
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